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24cm casserole with lid

•   3 layer inner non- stick coating allowing minimum use of oil. Our High quality coating is easy to clean using minimum detergent and minimum effort.
•   Heat resistant sturdy handles with easy-grip designs. Its tempered glass lid with steam hole provides its user healthier cooking with economic fuel consumption.
•   High quality exterior heat resistant gives longer life to each pot / pan.
•   Die-cast products have faster heat distribution, longer heat preservation and minimized hot spots, which allows for less chance of food sticking to the cooking surface.
•   The cooking surface of die-cast cookwares are free from any rivets or joints. Hence the chances of any residues to remain after cooking is averted. Smart kitchenware ensures its consumers a healthy cooking environment.
•   Hard water stains can be removed with a sponge dampened in vinegar or lemon.

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